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Timing of planned cesarean

  • After labor begins
  • Scheduled before labor begins

Support people

  • No support people present
  • Partner only
  • More than one support person
  • Support person seated at mother's head
  • Support person stands and watches or photographs surgery and birth


  • Regional anesthesia with or without premedication
  • General anesthesia

Participation by mother

  • Mother watches delivery of baby (window in screen or screen lowered)
  • Anesthesiologist or obstetrician explains events during surgery
  • No explanation of events

Postoperative medications

  • At mother's request only
  • Medications for anxiety, trembling, or nausea at anesthesiologist's discretion

Contact with baby

  • Baby held by partner near mother soon after birth
  • Baby held by mother during surgical repair of incisions
  • Baby taken to nursery for well-baby observation
  • If baby goes immediately to nursery or intensive care, partner goes with baby or stays with mother



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