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You may be thinking, "I'm not sure" or, "Maybe I'll be ready next month" or, "I'll never be ready." Remember, you are not getting ready to start a new diet. Diets are difficult to follow, and before you begin, you have to psyche yourself up for a month of restrictions, isolation, and deprivation. I'm not asking you to prepare for deprivation. I'm asking you to prepare for a new, natural way of eating—for the next three months, the next year, the next ten years, the rest of your life.

Some of my clients ask, "Why bother preparing? Why can't I just do it?" Because preparation ensures success. Would you ever take a test without preparing for it? Would you ever go into an interview without preparing for it? If you didn't prepare, you would most likely flunk the test and fail to get the job. As with anything you do in your life, lifestyle changes require preparation, commitment, and a plan of action. Think of other lifestyle changes that you have made: education, marriage, career, relocation—they all required preparation.

To be successful in outsmarting your female fat cells, you must prepare yourself psychologically for the OFF Plan:

  • You must believe in it.
  • You must share the OFF philosophies.
  • You must have a full understanding of your female fat cells.
  • You must replace your diet mentality with a lifestyle mentality.
  • You must think in terms of permanent, not temporary, weight loss.
  • You must think in terms of slow, not fast, weight loss.
  • You must think in terms of fat loss, not weight loss.
  • You must have realistic goals that are attainable.


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Are you ready to get started with the off plan?